A Message from our Principal

Rachelle Riemersma

I am excited to share St. Cyprian Parish School with you. St. Cyprian first became a part of my life 20 years ago, when my step-mother was a teacher here. I have two current St. Cyprian students here, and they love this school.  Today I lead and care for St. Cyprian as its principal. I am privileged to work with a dedicated team of teachers, parents, administrators, and board members. St. Cyprian has a special place in my heart and in the hearts of all those who have passed through its doors as a student, a parent, or an educator. St. Cyprian leaves a lifelong imprint in the lives of those it touches. Some things stay the same, others evolve with time, but through it all St. Cyprian remains a pillar of the community with academic excellence and a strong faith centered education.

St. Cyprian develops independent leaders who are morally responsible Catholics, academically prepared individuals, effective communicators, and lifelong 21st century learners. With a team of highly qualified and caring teachers and staff, St. Cyprian offers a strong core curricular education with enrichment programs, religious formation, extra and curricular opportunities, and leadership development. Students at St. Cyprian are prepared for high school, college, and beyond. They are accepted to excellent high schools and experience success during their high school years as a result of the holistic education they receive.

St. Cyprian lives in me as it lives in my daughters and all those educated in this special place. It is the foundation of everything in our lives. Our graduates make a difference in the world. They give back, get involved and care about those around them. Many graduates bring their children back to St. Cyprian to experience the same academic and family environment. It is an experience that is treasured for life. I am happy and privileged to be at St. Cyprian and I am energized by what is happening for the future as we continue to bring St. Cyprian into the 21st century with an incredible team of educators, up­ to date programs, and exciting learning experiences.

A St. Cyprian graduate is a well-rounded, active Catholic leader who independently is a(n):