Mass  Schedule

Feast of St. Cyprian - September 16th 
Our 7th grade class comes together to celebrate Saint Cyprian.  Saint Cyprian was an African of noble birth. In middle life he was converted to Christianity, and shortly after his baptism was ordained priest, and made Bishop of Carthage, notwithstanding his resistance.
When the persecution of Decius broke out, he fled from his episcopal city, that he might be the better able to minister to the wants of his flock, but returned on occasion of a pestilence. Later on he was banished, and saw in a vision his future martyrdom. Being recalled from exile, sentence of death was pronounced against him, which he received with the words "Thanks be to God." His great desire was to die whilst in the act of preaching the faith of Christ, and he had the consolation of being surrounded at his martyrdom by crowds of his faithful children.

“Petition is ineffectual when it is a barren entreaty that implores God…The Holy Scripture instructs us saying, ‘Prayer is good with fasting and almsgiving.’”

                                          ~St. Cyprian


6th Grade and TK Mass  - October 4th
Our 6th grade class along with our TK class celebrate mass together to pray for the entire community.

Thanksgiving - November 5th 
Our 5th grade class and 1st grade call celebrates our communion with all the saints in heaven as we honor all those who now live with God.

Immaculate Conception Mass with HS  - December 4th 
The 4th grade class celebrates and give thanks to God for Mary’s “yes” and purity in conceiving Jesus and give honor to her as our patron.

Catholic Schools Week Mass - January 31st 
Our 3rd grade class comes together and celebrates with gratitude the opportunity of attending St. Cyprian and all that it offers so that when students graduate, they are morally responsible Catholics, Academically prepared, effective communicators and life­long learners.

Ash Wednesday   - March 1st 
Faculty and staff come together to celebrate ash Wednesday as the the season of Lent commences.

Mass  - May 19th
The 2nd grade class comes to pray in solidarity for the students and faculty at St. Cyprian.

Graduation   - March 1st 
We reflect on all the blessings we have been privileged to receive during the academic year as we honor and celebrate the 8th grade graduates as they transition to high school.