At St. Cyprian we believe in educating the whole child. Through our enrichment programs we offer a world of opportunities for students to explore and experience. Whether your child is athletic, creative, reserved or outgoing, there is something for everyone. Most programs are after school and on campus.

Here at St. Cyprian Parish School, we currently offer MAD Science programs to students in grades TK-8. They come on campus twice yearly to take part in 2, 6 week programs (at an additional cost).

We offer out Meet the Masters Art Program, once a month, to all of our students. This is included in our curriculum and takes place within the school day. All materials are provided, as well as the instruction included. This is a very hands-on experience for the children.

We will be offering a Common Core after school Math program next year, where students will be enriched in their mathematics and learn to explore topics in new, fun ways and at multiple levels of thinking.