Dear Parents,

Now is the time to enroll your child into the After School Dance Program.  Along with having a whole lot of fun there are so many benefits a student receives from participating in the performing arts. I have taught here at St. Cyprian for many years and would love to have your child join us in class this year.  Class fees are $9 per class. If a student takes more than one class a week or if you have two or more children taking classes then you get the discount rate of  $8 per class per student.    The following classes will be offered:


* Tues:  Ballet I gr. TK-2  3:00 – 4:00

* Tues:  Ballet I & II gr. 3-8   4:00-5:00  ( Dancers are to sign in and wait at EDC (Free of charge) until their

class time.)

*Thurs:  Tap I gr. TK-2  3:00-4:00

*Thurs:  Tap I & II gr. 3-8  4:00-5:00  (Dancers are to sign in and wait at EDC (Free of charge) until their

class time.)

*Fri: Jazz I gr. 3-8  12:45-1:45

* Fri: Jazz II 1:45-2:30 ( must have permission of teacher)  (Dancers are to sign in and wait at EDC (Free of

charge) until their class time.)




*2 or more classes

STARTING DATES                                          Class Fee            & Family Rate

                                                                                                                           Per student           per student                                                                                                                                    

Ballet I gr. TK-2        Tuesday  Oct. 17      2 classes     OCT   17,  24                    $18                      $16

Ballet I & II gr. 3-8   Tuesday  Oct. 17       2 classes     OCT   17,  24                    $18                      $16

Tap I gr. TK-2           Thursday OCT 19     2 classes     OCT   19,  26                    $18                      $16

Tap I &II gr. 3-8        Thursday OCT 19     2 classes     OCT   19,  26                    $18                      $16

Jazz I  gr. 3-8             Friday  OCT 20         2 classes     OCT   20,  27                    $18                      $16

Jazz II                         Friday  OCT 20         2 classes     OCT   20,  27                   $18                      $16


After School your child is to report to the small hall.  Grades TK-1 will be picked up from their classrooms. I will always be at school by 3:00 to help direct grades TK-2 where to go.  When class is over I will stay with the students who are being picked up by their parents.  If for any reason a dancer is not picked up after class he/she will be sent to day care and all their fees will be applicable.



Ballet Class           All dancers need pink ballet slippers and must wear any color leotard and tights

Jazz Classes          All dancers need black jazz shoes.  Any color jazz pants, exercise pants or stretch             .

shorts may be worn  with a leotard  or T-shirt.                                 

Tap Classes           All dancers need black tap shoes. Tights and leotards may be worn or any color jazz pants,

exercise pants or stretch shorts may be worn with a leotard or T-shirt

Students in Tap II should wear the oxford style tap shoes.  These are the jazz/tap shoe that

laces up like regular shoes.

Boys Attire:         Boys will need black jazz, ballet or tap shoes depending on their choice of class.  Any type

of exercise clothes will be fine.  Definitely something they can stretch in.


DANCE SUPPLY STORES:  Payless, Diva Dancewear, Discount Dance Supply,


I highly discourage parents from staying and watching class. It is for your child’s benefit because students always do better in class when they are not being watched.  They are more at ease when a mistake is made without an audience and they also concentrate more on their class work instead of those watching.  If you truly would like or feel the need to watch a class I only ask that you make arrangements with me ahead of time so I can let the students know in advance that we will be having visitors in class.  This way the students are not caught off guard with an audience.


Yellow envelopes will be sent home the end of each month with class fees for the next month.  Class fees are due the 1st Friday of each month Please make checks payable to EDC and write Dance on the memo line. Please fill out the enrollment form and return it to school along with the fees for the month of October.


My policy for giving credit for missed classes is as follows: credit will be given for a missed class  if a student is absent from school the day of his/her dance class or if there is a conflict with another school activity such as sports event or musical practice being held at the same time.  There are school activities in which a dancer can attend class before or after their other activity so credit will only be given if the activity is being held at the same time as dance class.  I am looking forward to this new school year and hope to see your child in dance class this Oct.   If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (562) 428-6166.


Celia McVey


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I would like to enroll my child___________________________________ Grade_______

into the After School Dance Program.


Please check classes desired:

____ BALLET I gr. TK-2                                                    _____JAZZ I Grade 3-8

____ BALLET I &II gr. 3-8                                                 _____JAZZ II (must have

____ TAP I  gr. TK-2                                                                 approval of dance teacher)

____ TAP I & II gr. 3-8


After dance classes my child    ____ will be picked up from the dance room

                                                    ____ is to report to the school day care


Parent Signature_____________________________________

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Cell Phone_________________________E-mail_______________________________