St. Cyprian Parish School encourages participation in athletics because it provides our students with important lessons for life such as teamwork, self­-discipline, courage and resilience. Starting at third grade, boys and girls have many opportunities where they can apply their personal skills and talents to make a difference in the St. Cyprian community.
St. Cyprian offers the following CYO Sports:

  • Volleyball
    • ‘A’ Girls, ‘B’ Girls
  • Flag Football 
    • ‘A’ Coed, ‘B’ Coed
  • Basketball
    • ‘A’ Girls, ‘A’ Boys, ‘B’ Girls, ‘B’ Boys, ‘C’ 3rd grade Coed, ‘C’ 4th grade Coed
  •  Track and Field
    • 3rd grade and up

Our community has high standards of sportsmanship and conduct. We expect our student ­athletes and coaches to uphold these standards at all times. We also ask our fans, parents, faculty, and staff members to adhere to our sportsmanship and conduct standards in our pursuit of victory with honor.
St. Cyprian is proud to host our after school sports teams with both professional outsource coaches as well as parent service coaches.

St. Cyprian participates in matches or games once a week for most sports teams, and tournaments once a month. Teams eagerly join in championships at the end of every sports season. All sports awards and honors are shared at the Sports Awards Ceremony hosted in May of each school year.

There is a $50 participation fee paid to the CYO per sport for each student­ athlete and a $50 uniform deposit made per seasonal sport.